B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-3137

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-3137


MACR: 1481


History of
B-17 42-3137

Delivered Cheyenne 11/2/43; Morrison 29/4/43; Assigned 353BS/301BG St Donat 22/4/43; Oudna 6/8/43; Cerignola 7/12/43; Missing in Action {38m} Athens 8/12/43 with Jack Scott, Rousselle, Niemiec, O’Brien, Morgan, Ross (6 Prisoner of War); Patton, French, Tyson (3 Killed in Action); flak hit in ball turret, eight bailed and then ship exploded; Missing Air Crew Report 1481.

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B-17 42-3137 Details

On bomb run of mission on 8 December 1943, I glanced over at A/C in 13 position and noticed he was releasing bombs; that he was early or I was late, since my indices were still five seconds apart. I noticed two of his bombs dropped in train, then train stopped. Immediately after there was an internal explosion in bomb bay of A/C. The left bomb bay door was blown off and the right shattered. Segments of right door were protruding outward, further proving the explosion was internal.

Later, the ship passed under us and back, I noticed that there were no holes in top or sides of fuselage. Just before shop went out of sight I saw three parachutes come out and open.

1st Lt. Charles R. Glenn, Bombardier on positon 12 A/C

On mission of 8 December 1943, I saw A/C 42-3137 peel of from the left wing. It circled slowly below us; five parachutes came out in quick succession. After that, the A/C went into a slow spin and as it neared the water it exploded. This happened about a mile off shore. In as much as the flak was not in the vicinity of the A/C, I believe the accident was due to an explosion fragmentation bombs in the A/C.

S/Sgt. Adolph G. Bauman, Ball turret gunner on positon 12 A/C

On mission of 8 December 1943, it locked as though smoke was coming out from between No. 1 engine and the fuselage. As it pulled over to our right, out of formatio, I saw six parachutes leave the A/C 42-3137. After which it went over on its left wing and glided down. When it was approcimately 1,000 feet above the water it blew up. I think this accident was caused by the explosion of a fragmentation bomb in the bomb bay.

S/Sgt. Hamilton A. Moore on positon 21 A/C

Source: MACR 1481


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