B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid

B-17 #42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astridzoom_in



  • RCL: ET-K, FO-E, WA-E

MACR: 954 / KSU/ME/KU: 367

Missions: 3


History of
B-17 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid

Delivered Cheyenne 10/3/43; Dow Fd 10/4/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-K] SPOOK II Framlingham 21/5/43; Horham 15/6/43; 3m, transferred 527BS/379BG [FO-E] Kimbolton 22/6/43; 524BS [WA-E]; Missing in Action Schweinfurt 14/10/43 with Alden Johnson, Radio Operator: Antonio Velasquez, Ball turret gunner: Raoul Rosseau, Waist gunner: Jim Locke, Waist gunner: Ralph Scripter,Tail gunner: Gene Johnson (6 Killed in Action), Co-pilot: Warren Holtsberg, Navigator: Vince Tapping, Bombardier: Lou Dubois, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ben Brittain (4 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, crashed in Limburger Forest, near Dornheim, W of Darmstadt, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 954. LADY ASTRID.

Last updated: 19. March 2020


B-17 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid Details

The call to bail out was given after being attacked by a fighter. I made my way down to check on crew & see if they all bailed. The interphone had gone out when suddenly an 88mm exploded in the waist area. I was wounded & believe so was the Bombardier. I saw that it appeared to be total destruction of our waist section and all there were either dead or unconscious. There was no way to reach them. I believe all were dead. The rest of us bailed just before the ship exploded.


Crash site

Based on the coordinates (r: 3598350 h: 550165e) in MACR 954/KU 367, #42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid crashed in a forest near Dornheim. About 45 km south of Schweinfurt. The Dornheim west of Darmstadt is therefore not correct.


Based on original photo description. The crew photo was taken on 11 October 1943. Three days before their final mission.


B-17 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Alden C. Johnson KIA Rear left in the photo
CP 2LT Warren E. Holtsberg POW
BOMB 2LT Louis E. Dubois POW
ENG/TT SGT Benjamin B. Brittain POW
RO S/SGT Antonio A. Velasquez KIA
BT S/SGT Raoul A. Rousseau KIA
WG S/SGT James R. Locke KIA
WG S/SGT Ralph K. Scripter KIA
TG S/SGT Eugene T. Johnson KIA

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