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B-17 #42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid

Delivered Cheyenne 10/3/43; Dow Fd 10/4/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-K] SPOOK II Framlingham 21/5/43; Horham 15/6/43; 3m, transferred 527BS/379BG [FO-E] Kimbolton 22/6/43; 524BS [WA-E]; Missing in Action Schweinfurt 14/10/43 with Alden Johnson, Radio Operator: Antonio Velasquez, Ball turret gunner: Raoul Rosseau, Waist gunner: Jim Locke, Waist gunner: Ralph Scripter,Tail gunner: Gene Johnson (6 Killed in Action), Co-pilot: Warren Holtsberg, Navigator: Vince Tapping, Bombardier: Lou Dubois, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ben Brittain (4 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, crashed in Limburger Forest, near Dornheim, W of Darmstadt, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 954. LADY ASTRID.

Details 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid

Das Signal zum Absprung wurde gegeben, nachdem wir von Jägern angegriffen wurden. Ich ging runter um zu schauen ob sie alle abgesprungen sind. Der Bordfunk funktionierte nicht mehr, als ein 88mm Geschoss im Rumpf explodierte. Ich wurde verwundet und ich glaube, der Bombenschütze ebenfalls. Ich sah, dass es wohl der Rumpfbereich komplett zerstört hat und alle die dort waren, waren entweder tot oder bewusstlos. Es gab keinen Weg sie zu erreichen. Ich glaube, sie alle waren tot. Der Rest der Besatzung sprang ab, kurz bevor das Flugzeug explodierte. 


Crew 42-3176 / Spook II aka Lady Astrid

P1LTAlden C. JohnsonKIARear left in the photo
CP2LTWarren E. HoltsbergPOW
BOMB2LTLouis E. DuboisPOW
ENG/TTSGTBenjamin B. BrittainPOW
ROS/SGTAntonio A. VelasquezKIA
BTS/SGTRaoul A. RousseauKIA
WGS/SGTJames R. LockeKIA
WGS/SGTRalph K. ScripterKIA
TGS/SGTEugene T. JohnsonKIA

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  1. von Ken Johnson am 11. Dezember 2017 0:01 Uhr

    I wish to contact any surviving crew of Lady Astrid/Spook 2 or Pegasus. I am the grandson of Alden C Johnson, KIA in this plane as pilot.


    • von Clinton Whittemore am 23. November 2018 6:53 Uhr

      I am the nephew of Ralph h k Scripter, waist gunner. I found this site only by accident, and would enjoy talking with you if you get this. I will not not bore you with details but think I have information that might help you with your research. Where did you find this photograph? I never knew it existed. Our family has the one of the crew right after they ditched their first aircraft. Named the gremlin, but they had renamed it Pegasus.


      • von am 23. November 2018 8:43 Uhr

        I found this photo on (maybe registration for free account required to see the photo). I did not known other photos. Do you want to share the information with me?


        • von clinton whittemore am 25. November 2018 23:33 Uhr

          I can share the photo for the crew with you, and I am still looking for the story that came with the photo. Please share my message with Ken Johnson. I have been to the small town where his grandfather and my uncle were shot down and buried before the end of the war.
          Can I paste photos right to this comment section, or is there another site or email you use to get email?


          • von am 26. November 2018 8:24 Uhr

            Hi Clinton, please sent me the photo to: The original description of the photo above noted: A Crew Of The 379Th Bomb Group Pose Beside The Boeing B-17 „Flying Fortress“ ‚Lady Astrid‘ At An 8Th Air Force Base In England, 11 October 1943.

            If this is right, so the photo took just 3 days before their lost.

            I have informed Ken about the new comments here.

      • von Ken Johnson am 07. Juni 2019 3:01 Uhr


        Please forgive me. It’s just now (6 June, 2019) that my daughter found your comment. I am very interested to hear of your family exploits regarding Gremlin/Pegasus. I had for so long heard about Pegasus, but could never find information about it. Then, one day, my daughter found a picture of the Gremlin crew. And there, my Grandfather. I have never proven the existence of of Pegasus. Please help!


  2. von Sue Fox Moyer am 27. Februar 2018 14:37 Uhr

    Hello, While not a relative of a survivor of this crew, my father flew the 14 Oct mission with the 306th Bomb Group. I now serve as educational director for the Second Schweinfurt Memorial association (SSMA). We would love to place your name on our mailing list. We also have a Facebook page:


    • von am 27. Februar 2018 20:03 Uhr

      Hello Sue, thank you.
      I sent you an email.


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