History of the
B-17 #42-3190 / Mr Five by Five aka Nip ‘N Tuck

Delivered Cheyenne 15/3/43; Bangor 23/5/43; Assigned 333BS/94BG [TS-W] Rougham /43; (332BS [QE-W] Missing in Action Le Bourget 14/7/43 with Capt Kee Harrison*, Co-pilot: Dave Turner*, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Jim Curtis*, Ball turret gunner: Jefferson Polk (3 evaded capture – these three* eventually walked to Spain and returned UK); Navigator: Bob Conroy, Bombardier: Roscoe Greene, Radio Operator: Chas McNemar, Ball turret gunner: Jefferson Polk, Waist gunner: Earl Porath, Waist gunner: Dick Lewis,Tail gunner: Einos Asiala (7 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft KO’d #2 & #4 and destroying oxygen bottles, crash landed Berengeville-la-Campagne, five miles NE of Evreux, Fr. Missing Air Crew Report 114. MR FIVE BY FIVE aka NIP ‘N TUCK. (Restored by Luftwaffe.)

Details 42-3190 / Mr Five by Five aka Nip ‘N Tuck

Shot down by Oblt. Egon Mayer, III./JG2.

Crew 42-3190 / Mr Five by Five aka Nip ‘N Tuck

PCPTKen H. HarrisonEVD
CP2LTDavid H. TurnerEVD
BOMB2LTRoscoe F. GreeneEVD
ROT/SGTCharles H. McNemarPOW
BTS/SGTJefferson D. PolkEVD
WGS/SGTEarl L. PorathPOW
WGS/SGTRichard H. LewisPOW
TGS/SGTEinos AsialaPOW

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