B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-37977 / Blue Champagne

B-17 #42-37977 / Blue Champagnezoom_in



  • RCL: XA-E

MACR: 3823 / KSU/ME/KU: 1442


History of
B-17 42-37977 / Blue Champagne

Delivered Denver 3/11/43; Kearney 13/11/43; ass 549BS/385BG Gt Ashfield 1/12/43; MIA Stettin 11/4/44 Pilot: Bob Bailey, Co-Pilot: Wayne Corbin, Navigator: George Contos, Bombardier: Barney Coble, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Cliff Lybeck, Radio Operator: Curtis Ailes, Ball Turret Gunner: Melvin Gillis, Waist Gunner: Noble Brucker, Waist Gunner: Norman Hill, Tail Gunner: Corbett Figate (10POW); flak KOd #2, crashed Dargen, N of Oderhaff, Germany. near Polish border. MACR 3823. BLUE CHAMPAGNE.

Last updated: 19. April 2020


B-17 42-37977 / Blue Champagne Details

From MACR 3823

Aircraft No. 42-37977 was apparently hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire over the target area. No. 2 engine was seen to be feathered and another engine was windmilling. The aircraft was seen to lose some altitude but was last seen under control and heading for Sweden. Two crews reported that the crew of 42-37977 bailed out of this aircraft at the Baltic Coast of Germany. This information cannot be verified as other reports are contradicting.


B-17 42-37977 / Blue Champagne Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Robert B. Railey POW
CP 2LT Wayne D. Corbin POW
ENG/TT T/SGT Clifford Lybeck POW
RO T/SGT Curtis A. Ailes POW
BT S/SGT Melvin D. Gillis POW
WG S/SGT Noble W. Brucker POW
WG S/SGT Norman A. Hill POW
TG S/SGT Corbett Fugate POW
TOG S/SGT Barney J. Coble POW

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