B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-97705 / Dede

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MACR: 10745


History of
B-17 42-97705 / Dede

Delivered Denver 2/2/44; 1SAG Langley 1/4/44; Morrison 30/4/44; Assigned 49BS/2BG Amendola 2/5/44; transferred 32BS/301BG Lucera; Missing in Action Blechhammer 26/12/44 with William S. Beasley, Co-pilot: Lester C. Hurley, Navigator: Bruce F. Howard, Bombardier: William S. Beasley, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Reland L. Martin, Radio Operator: Delbert E. Shutt, Waist Gunner: Edward Oulette; Waist gunner: Oulette, Waist gunner: Samuel J. Cichetti; Tail gunner: Harry V. Poe; Radar Navigator: Joseph V. Morgan, Jr. (10 Returned to Duty); flak, crashed Milice; crew return from Russia. Missing Air Crew Report 10745. DEDE.

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B-17 42-97705 / Dede Details

Witnesses’ Statements to Accompany Missing Air Crew Report on A/C B-17G 42-97705.

I was flying as navigator on B-17 #44-6403 in the 2-3 position.

While we were rallying from the target I saw a burst of flak fall very close to engine #3 of A/C 42-97705 in the 1-1 position of squadron 32. At 1250 I heard A/C 42-97705 calling the plane in 1-2 position to take over the lead. The deputy lead gave no answer. After declaring that they could get no power from #3 engine and were afraid they would lose another, they dropped their wheels and headed due east (time 1252). Their approximate position at that time was 49 44 N, 18 38 E.

I believe that A/C 42-97705 had en excellent chance of reeching a Russien Airfield. Three engines were still running and they aborted at an altitude of 20,000 feet. No parachutes were seen, nor any other visible damage. A/C 42-97705 was last sighted at above coordinates and heading.

2Lt. Daniel S. Goldman

I was flying as engineer in A/C 44-6343 in 21 position. It appeared to me as though it got several direct hits on the bottom of the ship and along the trailing edge of the wings. It was evident to me as though it was leaking gas.

I believe that A/C 42-97705 may have reached Russia. All engines were in operation.

It maintained its altitude and no parachutes were seen.

S/Sgt. Frank S. Bruto

Source: MACR 10745


B-17 42-97705 / Dede Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P MAJ Donald W. Ewing RTD
CP 1LT Lester C. Hurley RTD
BOMB 1LT William S. Beasley RTD
ENG/TT T/SGT Reland L. Martin RTD
RO T/SGT Delbert E. Shutt RTD
WG S/SGT Edward Oulette RTD
WG S/SGT Samuel J. Cichetti RTD
TG F/O Harry V. Poe RTD
RCM 1LT Joseph V. Morgan, Jr. RTD

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