History of the
B-17 #43-37796 / Stinky

Delivered Cheyenne 23/5/44; Kearney 1/6/44; Dow Fd 27/6/44; Assigned 423BS/306BG Thurleigh 8/11/44; Missing in Action Brunswick 22/10/44 with Capt Joe Mathis, Co-pilot: Maj Joe Lowe, Navigator: Gorman Siler, Bombardier: Ivan Brill, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: John Maupin, Radio Operator: Bill Covington, Ball turret gunner: Creston Cooke, Waist gunner: Joe Kasmiersky,Tail gunner: Carroll Reimann (9 Killed in Action); mid air coll with 44-8099(306BG), crashed sea off Clacton, Essex, UK; Missing Air Crew Report 9656. LILLY MARLENE.

Details 43-37796 / Stinky

S/N 43-37796 is listed by 457th BG with the name “Stinky”, which failed to return on am 24 March 1945:

No further information available.

According to my research it correct that this B-17 #43-37796 really was named “Stinky”. While the B-17 #43-37976 / Lilly Marlene collided with B-17 #44-8099 on 22 October 1944.

Update on 22 December 2018:
Noseart with serialbumber found and uploaded.

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