History of the
B-17 #43-38179 / Chastain’s Kindergarten

Delivered Cheyenne 4/7/44; Kearney 13/7/44; Grenier 20/7/44; Assigned 730BS/452BG [6K-E] Deopham Green; battle damaged over Handorf Afd, Ger 21/3/45; with Luther Chastain, Co-pilot: Jim Cosman, Navigator: Frank carpenter, Bombardier: Jim Bangert, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Lyle Cain, Radio Operator: Rueben Garrison, Ball turret gunner: Bob Watkins, Waist gunner: Luther Cox,Tail gunner: Jim Wilson; limped home and crash landed but all crew OK; later Sal; CHASTAIN’S KINDERGARTEN.

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