B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 44-6263

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 44-6263


MACR: 9667


History of
B-17 44-6263

Delivered Hunter 21/6/44; Dow Fd 3/7/44; Assigned 353BS/301BG Lucera 10/7/44; Missing in Action Vienna 7/11/44 with George Kulp, Haner, Rushmore,Dyer, Smith, Zamorsky, Sebesta(7 Returned to Duty); Gourney, Waites, Aitcheson (3 Prisoner of War); flak, crashed Rehitsch; seven evade & return; Missing Air Crew Report 9667.

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B-17 44-6263 Details

Witnesses’ Statements:

(1) I was flying left waist gun position on A/C # 2105, 1-3, in the lead squadron, After the second time over the target, I saw a B-17 go out toward 9 o’clock, level at first, but losing altitude. Our tail gunner counted fire (5) chutes come out whom it was about at three hundred (300) yards. At about four hundred fifty (450) yards, black smoke started pouring out of it. The airplane then went iato a left hand spin, rapidly losing altitude. As it hit the ground or else directly before it hit the ground, it blew up.

S/Sgt. John F. Elsen
Left Waist Gunner on A/C #42-32105
Pilot Lt. Henry. W. Bried

(2) I saw five chutes came from A/C #44-6263 and it went into a spin and crashed. I think everyone could have gotten out of it they weren’t hit. It pulled out of formation and went out at 9 o’clock.

S/Sgt. James F. Newberry
Tail Gunner on A/C 42-32105
Pilot Lt. Henry. W. Bried

(3) I was flying left wist gun position on A/C # 728 in the 10 position of the lead squadron. While going over the target I counted six (6) parachutes drift toward our tail. I did not see the airplane from which they bailed out since the weather was rather bad. Previously, one of the crew reported A/C # 265 seemingly in distree and pulling out of formation toward our left. It was from this same direction that I saw the parachutes drift.

S/Sgt. Frank D. Gwozdz
Waist Gunner on A/C #728
Pilot 1Lt. Robert. S. Webb

Source: MACR 9667


B-17 44-6263 Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT George R. Kulp RTD
CP 1LT Eugene W. Haner RTD
ENG/TT S/SGT Gail E. Waites POW
RO SGT Archie Aitcheson POW
BT SGT Lucien I. Zamorski RTD
WG S/SGT Joseph J. Dyer RTD
WG SGT Edward J. Smith RTD
TG SGT Vernon G. Sebesta RTD
TOG SGT Harold A. Gournay POW

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