B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 44-6340 / Remember Me

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 44-6340 / Remember Me


MACR: 7970


History of
B-17 44-6340 / Remember Me

Delivered Hunter 8/7/44; Grenier 17/7/44; Assigned 414BS/97BG Amendola 23/7/44; Missing in Action Ploesti 18/8/44 with Ken Lloyd, (crew ?); no gas, crashed Paramithia; Missing Air Crew Report 7970. REMEMBER ME.

Last updated: 23. August 2020


B-17 44-6340 / Remember Me Details

Eye Witness Statement

I the undersigned was flying on AC No. 006, 341st Bomb Squadron, 97th Bomb Group on mission 18 August 1944. After completing the bomb run over target, and on my way back to the base, I saw AC No. 340 for 10 minutes losing altitude at approximately 21000 feet and falling behind the formation. Plane was losing altitude before reaching mountains, and after formation I was started to fly over the mountains I lost sight of AC 340.

Sgt. Lawrence Vargas

This form concers only the incidents that happened on the 18th of August 1944. The whole crew bailed out, the bombardier & the 6 enlisted men jumped out over Southern Albania and they all got back to the squadron on August 27th 1944. The pilot K. G. Lloyd and the navigator and I the co-pilot bailed out over Northern Greece. The pilot was immediately captured by the germans but the navigator and I evade capture and were returned to the Squadron on the 26th of August 1944. If something was was happened to the bombardier Granger since then, it is news to me and I would like to know about it.

1Lt. Herman T. Crane, Jr.

Source: MACR 7970


B-17 44-6340 / Remember Me Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Kenneth G. Lloyd POW
CP 2LT Harman T. Crane, Jr. RTD
BOMB 2LT Aurel J. Granger RTD
RO S/SGT Wayne D. Wavrin RTD
BT SGT Richard M. Fortner RTD
WG SGT Harold E. King RTD
WG SGT Walter C. Johnson RTD
TG SGT Gerald K. Marshall RTD

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