B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-31188 / Dead Man’s Hand

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  • RCL: M

MACR: 14180

Missions: 111


History of
B-17 42-31188 / Dead Man’s Hand

Delivered Cheyenne 30/9/43; Harvard 16/10/43; Assigned: 709BS/447BG Rattlesden 21/11/43; MIA Pirna (111m)19/4/45 Pilot: Bob Glazener, Ray Fortier, Ernie Purcifull, Seb Bucceri, Hobart Jarvis, Theo Ciemier, no wg ‘, Jim Burton (7POW); Harry Cramer (KIA); jet Enemy aircraft, crashed Dresden, Germany. MACR 14180. DEAD MAN’S HAND.(Last heavy bomber lost to e/a).

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B-17 42-31188 / Dead Man’s Hand Details

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Eyewitness Statements to ths loss of B-17 #42-31188 / Dead Man’s Hand

The plane was on fire, and all attempts were made by me to extinguish the flames before leaving the ship, but as they could not be extinguished, all crew member bailed out. None were injured before bailing out. (The whole left wing was on fire.)

I was injured after I landed in the trees, nothing too serious, however, I did not receive any medical aid until I returned to the front lines on the morning of May 8, 1945, and again in the afternoon at a front line field hospital.

Robert F. Glazener
Pilot, B-17 #42-31188

Mor precise information as to Lt. Cramer’s whereabouts at the time of his death may be obtained from the knowledge of my position at the time. Since at the time, Chemnitz, Germany constituted the front lines, the entire crew bailed out between that city and Frieburg. I myself, since I was never taken prisoner, was hidden by German civilians in the little village of Haselbach, about 40 miles from Chemnitz. Lt. Cramer, then, would have bailed out nearer to that city, perhaps 15-20 miles due East.

I believe it is logical to assume that Lt. Cramer was killed by civilians, since our flight engineer was rather badly beaten up by them. Even in the very small village where I was hidden, persons were pointed out to me who had even gone in search of allied airmen for the explicit purpose of killing them.

Raymond E. Fortier
Navigator, B-17 #42-31188

At 5050N – 1335 E – 1225 hours at 19000 feet just after rally point 2 Me 262’s attacked the formation. They hit the high squadron only and made one attack. Came in from 7 o’clock – a little high and hit #3 man in the high squadron, aircraft 188 #1 engine caught on fire and crews report parts of engine or wing disinterating. Aircraft 188 went down at once – but apparently under control and crews report 3 chutes out and what they believed to be an attempt to make crash landing behind friendly lines.

Source: MACR 14180


B-17 42-31188 / Dead Man’s Hand Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Robert F. Glazener POW
CP 2LT Harold Cramer KIA
ENG/TT SGT Sebastian Bucceri POW
RO SGT Hobart A. Jarvis POW
BT SGT Theodore S. Ciemier POW
TG SGT James W. Burton POW
TOG SGT Ernest L. Purcifull POW

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