Geschichte der
B-17 #40-2054

Delivered 38RS/11BG [aircraft 40] SAD 29-Nov-40; arrived during Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour 7-Dec-41 with Lt Earl Cooper, Lt Dick Eberenz, Lt John Crockett, Avn Cdt Jim Buchanan, T/Sgt Jesse Broyles, Sgt Joe Bruce, Sgt Lee Best, Cpl Elmer Lippold, Pvt Don McCord; with Bill Raper crashed 130 miles off Oahu, HI 15-Jun-42. Missing Air Crew Report 16123. The MACR has this with 303rd BG 360th BS and this is possible because the 303BG did not deploy to the UK until 12-Sep-42.

Crew 40-2054

P---William S. RaperRTD
CP---Lt. Edwin L. SterlingRTD
BOMB---Lt. Foster G. DanielsRTD
ENG/TT---Alva E. DyeRTD
RO---Walter DombrowskiMIA
BT---Walter J. DutkiewiczMIA
WG---Jessie R. DownardRTD
WG---Robert J. McKeageRTD

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