Delivered Cheyenne Mod Cen 24/6/42; originally slated RAF as [FA685] ; Assigned 92BG Bovingdon /6/42 as PALE FACE; 342BS/97BG Polebrook /8/42; Maison Blanche 20/11/42; {103m}, the first MTO B-17 to complete 100 missions, including participation on first night mission to Rouen, Fr.; Returned to the USA Eglin 12/10/43; was due to return to Boeing but shot down as a drone before paperwork completed. BERLIN SLEEPER II.

Details 41-24370 / Pale Face aka Berlin Sleeper II

Erste B-17 im MTO, die 100 Einsätze abgeschlossen hat. Inklusive eines Nachteinsatzes nach Rouen, Frankreich.

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