Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24505 / Quitchurbitchin

Assigned 324BS/91BG [DF-E] Bangor 30/8/42; Bassingbourn 26/9/42; {6m} St Nazaire 22/11/42 BD, in hangar for about a year, constantly raided for spares, before being restored to flying condition, and transferred AFSC end of 1943 as trainer; Returned to the USA Tinker 14/6/44; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Arledge 22/11/44. QUITCHURBITCHIN.

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  1. von Lou am 14. Juni 2018 21:58 Uhr

    Quitchurbitchin DF-E actually stayed with the 324th as a hanger Queen until late 43. It was assigned to the Klotz crew which flew several missions in her in Dec, 1943 and Jan 1944. Many of the missions were unsuccessful, bad oxygen system, run away props, bomb bay unable to open, etc. DF-E was sent to replacement depot in Jan 1944 and Klotz crew was assigned to Liberty Belle (DF-M) in Feb 1944.


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