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B-17 #41-24506 / The Shiftless Skonk

Assigned 324BS/91BG [DF-G] Bangor 2-Sep-42; Bassingbourn 29-Sep-42; Despatched on 23-Nov-1942 to bomb the U-Boat pens at St. Nazaire, France. The Group was unable to bomb because of 10/10 cloud cover and headed back to Bassingbourn. The aircraft was attached three different times by enemy aircraft, but managed to return to England. However the field at Bassingbourn was fogged in, so the pilot attempted an emergency landing at Watford but struck a pylon and crashed field near Black Boy pub, Leavesden, UK, killing two of the crew outright. Three others died of their injuries later.

Crew 41-24506 / The Shiftless Skonk

P1LTNathan M. CormanRTD
CP2LTAllen P. LowryRTD
ROS/SGTLeroy H. BonshineRTD
BTSGTShelby L. WeltonKIA
WGS/SGTWalter J. WrightKIA
WGSGTHerbert HoffmanKIA

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  1. von John am 14. September 2018 23:04 Uhr

    I have a special interest in this aircraft as it crash landed a few miles from my home. I have spent the last twenty plus years looking for photos of this aeroplane and/or crew and have only found a couple. If you can help I’d be most grateful. In the early days (before the wonders of the internet) I corresponded with several veterans, sadly they are no longer with us.


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