Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24522

Delivered Lowry 29/7/42; Hamilton 31/8/42; Assigned 403BS/43BG Mareeba, Aus 1/9/42; Iron Range, Aus 17/10/42; Milne Bay, NG 23/11/42; Port Moresby, NG 11/5/43; badly damaged by explosion of B-24 alongside at Iron Range, Aus 17/8/43. Written off 31/10/44.

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  1. von Robert Livingstone am 29. März 2018 23:49 Uhr

    Reality of loss: Materially destroyed on 17NOV42 at Iron Range, north Queensland, Australia, in night take-off crash of 90BG 400BS B-24D 41-23942 Bombs To Nip On which ground-looped into the 43BG 403BS B-17 parked beside the runway. History info above is incorrect.


    • von am 30. März 2018 10:08 Uhr

      Thank you for the correct information, Robert!


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