Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24569 / Memphis Tot

Assigned 427BG/303BG/ [GN-W] Bangor 5/10/1942; Molesworth 22/10/1942; Missing in action Emden mission 4/2/1943; w/Cole; enemy aircraft, crashed Zolle, Hol. MACR 15348. MEMPHIS TOT

Details 41-24569 / Memphis Tot

B-17F 41-24569 „Memphis Tot: [GN:V] was assigned 427BS/303BG [GN-W] Bangor 5-Oct-42; Molesworth 22-Oct-42.

Missing in Action 4-Feb-43 The primary target was to be the railroad marshalling yards at Hamm, Germany, secondary target was to be the industrial areas of Osnabruck, Germany, and the the port area of Emden, Germany was the target of last resort. Hamm and Osnabruck were obscured by clouds, so Emden was attacked. The aircraft sustained severe damage from enemy fighters and crash-landed in the Waddenzee, five miles north-east of Den Helder, Holland. 3KIA 7POW 1DIC MACR 15348.

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  1. von Richard Sykes am 26. Juni 2018 22:17 Uhr

    This is the maternal grandfather of my son-in-law. he nor his mother knew anything about Bryant’s wartime experience. I am writing an account of this fateful flight. It will be shared with Bryant’s family and a group in Oosterwolde Holland developing a museum to include information about the Memphis Tot.

    R. Sykes


  2. von John Mitchell am 03. Oktober 2019 22:37 Uhr

    My mothers 1st cousin was the tail gunner on this plane when it was shot down. Recently I found that my cousin still has the local newspaper article in which they reported that he wrote my mom from the POW camp in March of 1943.


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