Geschichte der
B-17 #41-24607 / Jerry Jinx & What’s Up Doc?

Assigned 427BS/303BG at Bangor 24-Sep-42; Molesworth 25-Oct-42; Missing in Action 23-Jan-43 on a mission to bomb the port area and U-Boat pens at Lorient, France. Aircraft sustained damage from AA fire over the target and was ditched into the sea near Lorient, France. Was also named „What’s Up Doc“ at one time. 10KIA MACR 15473.

Crew 41-24607 / Jerry Jinx & What’s Up Doc?

P1LTEhle H. ReberKIA
CP2LTAllan D. MitchellKIA
BOMB2LTRobert J. SwindleKIA
ENG/TTS/SGTDuke L. HamiltonKIA
ROSGTIrwin D. BlankenshipKIA
BTS/SGTDonald A. MayoKIA
WGSGTLuther M. GrossKIA
WGSGTVictor G. HandKIA
TGSGTRoger W. MilfordKIA

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