Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2621 / The Daylight Ltd

Delivered Lowry 14/3/42; Boise 1/4/42; Assigned 28BS-93BS/19BG Hawaii 8/7/42; on return from mission to Milne Bay, crash landed Mareeba, Aus. with severe damage 26/8/42 with Capt Kenneth Casper, Radio Operator: Art Richardson, rest unknown; Written off 31/10/44. THE DAYLIGHT LIMITED.

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  1. von Phil Marchese am 28. September 2017 23:43 Uhr

    This, like many B-17 accounts, is written from an 8th AF perspective.

    The B-17E were arriving in the Pacific in December,1941 and equiped the 19th BG in the Far East with a fully complement.

    The Central and South Pacific had the 5th and 11BG while the Norhern Pacific had a partial complement in the 28th composite Group. The 43rd BG flew mixed complements of E and F absorbing the 19th BG.

    Project X moved to Asia and then to Africa with the E series. There the E formed part of the famous First Provisional Bomb Group, the first AAF heavy bombers to bomb occuupied Europe.

    Of course the E equiped the 97th which flew the first UK based AAF heavy bomb strike on northern Europe, but those planes were traded to the 92nd BG for theater training.

    The canal zone and east coast combat commands also had B-17E units.

    So, more correctly, the E series did operate in combat world wide in numbers into the hundreds.


    • von am 29. September 2017 8:04 Uhr

      Thank you Phil!

      „So, more correctly, the E series did operate in combat world wide in numbers into the hundreds.“

      This is a fact, which I also find out when I am updating the database of this website. The B-17E really was in service around the world.


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