Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2626 / Rokell’s Raider

Delivered MacDill 1/3/42; Assigned 341BS/97BG Polebrook 4/42; transferred 407BS/92BG Bovingdon 8/42; sustained battle damaged Lille 9/10/42; with Capt Jim Griffiths, Lt Col Stuart Porter, crash landed Gatwick, UK, (10RTD remainder unknown); Salvaged. ROKELL’S RAIDER.

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  1. von Timothy Guy am 26. Oktober 2018 15:54 Uhr

    This was my father-in-laws plane. I have a photo of it if you would like it.
    B-17E 41-2626
    Excerpts from 31 October 1943 Special Orders Report:

    S/Sgt. John W. Hancock, 327th Bomb Sq to Great Western Hotel, London rptg to Lt White.

    S/Sgt. Arthur G. Chmielewski asgd to 325th Bomb Sq.
    Cpl. John W. Earman, Jr. asgd to 327th Bomb Sq.

    Sgt. Mahlon D. Lord, asgd to 325th Bomb Sq.

    407th Bomb Sq Officers’ to Rest Home, Stanbridge Earls, Hampshire for seven days temp dy:

    Capt. James B. Foster; 1st Lt Hugh B. Hamilton.

    M/Sgt. Billy H. Rowland, 327th Bomb Sq is trfd to Det of Patients, 49th Station Hospital for observation and treatment.

    EM asgd to 407th Bomb Sq:

    Pfc. Harry F. Baker; Pfc. Bryan W. Busby.

    Pvt. Robert C. Hall; Pvt. David J. Kane; Pvt. George A. Porter; Pvt. Posey G. Pugh, J.r-trfd from 326th Bomb Sq to 32nd Sta Compl Sq.

    Cpl. Irving (NMI) Coben; Pvt. Edward L. Shupe; Pvt. Maunel C. Soto; Pvt. Anthony J. Sasiewski-trfd fr 327th Bomb Sq to 32nd Sta Compl Sq.

    Pfc. Angelo S. Campanile; Pfc. Joe F. Scarborough-trfd from 407th Bomb Sq to 32nd Sta Compl Sq.

    Pvt. John F. Cantwell; Pvt. James F. Ogletree; Pvt. William L. Owen; Pvt. Lonnie C. Bates-trfd from 327th bomb Sq to 32nd Sta Compl Sq.


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