Geschichte der
B-17 #41-2644

Delivered Lowry 7/3/42; Boise 6/4/42; Assigned 28BS/19BG Hawaii 22/4/42; damaged Rabual 7/8/42, rep; retUS 31/8/44; Written off 19/10/44.

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  1. von Andrew Suhrer am 16. Januar 2019 3:42 Uhr

    My father, Lt. Ferdinand C. Suhrer, USNR, was a PBY-5A pilot with VP-12. Because he wanted to fly a B-17, he took the 41-2644 on a 9.1 hour patrol mission from Nadi, Fiji on February 12, 1943. He said it was easy to fly and noisy as hell.
    The 29th Bomb Squadron left their airplanes in Australia 12/1942 and returned to the states. I have not been able to find what unit was still operating the airplane from 12/1942 to 8/1943. There is no record of the aircraft having a name, or nose art.


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