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B-17 #41-2661 / Snafu

Delivered Minneapolis 7/3/42; Assigned Hickam field, Hawaii 5th BG 31st sq. 41-2661 named the SNAFU; force landed in a pineapple field wheels up on 5/6/42 on return from Midway Island after two bombing missions with the 1st Lt. Bob Andrews crew; transferred 5AF 21/7/42; Written off 31/10/44. While in transit to the 5th AF reassigned to the 11th BG 42 sq. 13th AF. Later the 431st sq. Andrews killed in unauthorized B17 flight 12/31/42 Espreto Santo with Capt. Jake Levy who died in crash 1/31/42, with Andrews passing 1/1/43.

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  1. von Doug Hardegree am 29. September 2019 23:57 Uhr

    I am the son of a B-17 pilot, James W. Hardegree. He flew Air/Sea rescue in the Pacific theater. I have a picture of him by a sign that indicated „Snafu Snatchers.“ I googled that and found little mention of B-17s only the plane PBYs. I am curious, one, if I am on the right tract and, two, was my father part of the mentioned group. My dad is no longer with us and am attempting to fill in the blanks of his service. I have numerous pictures and a great deal of the written reports of his and others activities. If someone can help, please respond and thanks.
    Doug Hardegree


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