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B-17 #41-9043 / Peggy D aka Little Rock-ette

Assigned 342BS/97BG Polebrook 3/42 PEGGY D on co-pilot’s side; with Capt Bill Musselwhite on 1st 8AF mission 17/8/42; 92BG Bovingdon /9/42; transferred 534BS/381BG [GD-A1] Ridgewell 7/43 as hack & tow target; to 2SAD 21/8/43 and ret 24/8/43 used to collect bodies from Isle of Man tragedy 25/4/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Altus 29/10/45. LITTLE ROCK-ETTE.

Details 41-9043 / Peggy D aka Little Rock-ette

War am ersten Einsatz des 8. US Bomber-Kommando am 17. August 1942 beteiligt.

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  1. von Theodore Pong am 06. November 2019 19:23 Uhr

    I was just looking up the Little Rocket, because when I was a boy of 11 or 12 to the best of my memory, right after WW II our family was visiting Willow Run airfield and looking the lines of B-24s lined up headed for the scrap pile, and there was one B-17, and painted on its side was the name Little Rockette. Apparently that was B-17E a/c# 41-9043-17. Sad to see that all those beautiful old relics were destroyed for scrap.


    • von am 10. November 2019 11:51 Uhr

      Thank you for sharing your story.
      It’s sad to see these old birds become less and lesser.
      We have a Junker Ju 52 in our local museum for display. Sure, not a B-17, but an „old bird“.


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