Geschichte der
B-17 #41-9108 / Alabama Exterminator

Delivered Sarasota 342BS/97BG 15/4/42; Presque Is 31/5/42; from Goose Bay with John Holmes, Co-pilot: Fred Shelton, Navigator: Jones Calloway, Bombardier: Ed Branch, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Brennan, Radio Operator: John Fellows, g-John Lynn, g-George Witham. (all 8 Returned to Duty) crashed Egedaminde, Greenland 26/6/42. Written off. ALABAMA EXTERMINATOR.

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  1. von John Laughlin am 03. Juni 2019 1:33 Uhr

    I wonder if this John Fellows was my next door neighbor in Concordia Kansas. When I was a boy around 1980 I remember him telling me about seeing a German fighter plane from when he was on a bombing mission.


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