Geschichte der
B-17 #41-9145

Delivered Geiger 301BG 1/5/42; Lowry 31/5/42; Assigned 26BS/11BG Hawaii 7/6/42; transferred 13AF Poppy 22/7/42; Written off 31/10/44.

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  1. von Bruce Baldi am 26. September 2019 3:44 Uhr

    41-9145 – 11th Bomb Group, 26th Bomb Squadron.
    My uncle, Nicholas Novogrodsky of Woodridge, NY, served on this B17E – #41-9145 in the South Pacific with the 11th Bomb Group, 26th Bomber Squadron. This B17 went MIA on Sept 14, 1942 near the Santa Cruz Islands near Espiritu Santo on New Hebrides, south of Guadalcanal. Mr John Fuss of Gettysburg, PA researched the history and fate of this B17 as his cousin Wilbur Long was also lost on that day. His research determined that the plane was hit by Jap gunners and damaged, then was flying in bad weather and never returned to base. Neither the plane nor any crew members have ever been recovered. Other crew members on #41-9145: Hugh Owens (Pilot), George Chandler, Emory Hall, Thomas Daly, Harry Bolles, John Jones, and Edgar Stone.


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