Geschichte der
B-17 #41-9154 / The Bat out of Hell

Delivered Geiger 419BS/301BG 28/4/42; Assigned 97BG Polebrook 8/42; 327BS/92BG [UX-S] Bovingdon /9/42 as T/T a/c; with Warren K. Manning crash landed 25/6/44; Written off 26/6/44. THE BAT OUTA HELL.

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  1. von robert warren am 10. Februar 2019 16:31 Uhr

    I have a great photo of“ bat out of hell“ taking off at bovingdon 1942


  2. von Julene am 12. Oktober 2019 16:48 Uhr

    Is this the same “bat out of hell” that Clarence Lewis Thacker flew. I know he also flew Kissy-Me-Kowboy

    I can send articles about the “bat out of hell” and “Kissy-me-Kowboy. I am looking for photos please. Pilot Major Clarence Thacker 97th bombardment’ 414th squadron WWII


    • von Julene am 14. Oktober 2019 15:25 Uhr

      Hide article text (OCR)
      Well, Florida IS not! Sebring, Fla., Nov. 8 (&). Major Clarence L. Thacker of Kissimmee, Fla., told a Florida girl he would name a Flying Fortress for her, the Hendricks Field public relations office said. Then, the story goes, she saw an Associated Press wirephoto from England showing the major standing by his plane. The name on it: “Bat Out of Hell.“
      Clipping location on Daily News page 33
      j_turbev Member Photo
      Daily News
      New York, New York
      09 Nov 1943, Tue • Page 33


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