Geschichte der
B-17 #41-9202

Delivered Cheyenne 17/5/42; Wayne 25/6/42; Dorval 17/6/42 with Dick Ralph, Gander-Prestwick to RAF [FK206]; 220 Sq (ZZ-K) Ballykelly 18/7/42 with Partick Hadow (Sqd Co), via St Mawgan on to Lagens, Azores 9/10/43; while on patrol with J.B. Taylor 8/11/43 went off course and diverted to Casablanca; detailed on sub patrol 4/12/43 with Desmond Morris, Co-pilot: Bob Morrison, Harry Lawson, Jim Johnson+, Arthur Pearce, Joe Boudreault*, Carl Flack*, Mike Campion (8 Killed in Action) the first aircraft to lift off the new PSP runway crashed into sea on take off from Lagens, Azores.; three bodies found, two Canadian* and one Aussie+, who were buried in Lajes War Cemetery

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