Geschichte der
B-17 #42-102657 / Boss Lady

Delivered Cheyenne 23/3/44; Gr Island 12/4/44; Dow Fd 11/5/44; Assigned 350BS/100BG [LN-Y] Thorpe Abbotts 14/5/44; Missing in Action Ruhrland 11/9/44 with Albert Trommer, Navigator: Jim Wright, Bombardier: Levi Groce, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Alvin Severson, Radio Operator: Bill Stone (5 Killed in Action); Co-pilot: Tim Bradshaw, Ball turret gunner: J.C. Klutz, Waist gunner: Tom Kentes,Tail gunner: Chas Wilson{Wounded in Action} (4 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, crashed on school in Schmiederberg, Ger (now Kovarska, Czech republic). Missing Air Crew Report 8820. BOSS LADY (not painted on).

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