Geschichte der
B-17 #42-102905

Delivered Cheyenne 16/4/44; Kearney 7/5/44; Grenier 15/5/44; Assigned 748BS/457BG [J] Glatton 16/5/44; Missing in Action Politz 7/10/44 with Clarence Jennings, Co-pilot: Dick Garland, Navigator: Martin Schwartz, Bombardier: Hardy Bell, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Walter Marr, Radio Operator: Chas Spornik, Ball turret gunner: Bill Barth, Waist gunner: John Wood,Tail gunner: Stewart Jakku (9INT); obs-Capt Floyd Cox Int off (Killed in Action); flak, crashed Jonkopping, Swed; Missing Air Crew Report 9774.

Details 42-102905

B-17 42-102905, piloted by Lt Clarance R. Jennings, was hit by flak just seconds before bomb release. #3 and #4 engines were knocked out and the oxygen supply had also suffered a hit. Lt Jennings dove the plane down to about 10,000 feet where they would not need oxygen. He then found that Lt Jakku, the bombardier had been injured by the flak burst as had the Navigator, Lt Schwartz. Flak had also killed Capt Floyd A. Cox, who had been flying as an observer. In view of the injuries and the condition of the plane a decision was made to fly to Sweden. There they landed at Jonkoping, Sweden without brakes. The crew was treated for their wounds and then interned. Lt. Jakku died of his wounds in a Swedish hospital. After two months they were transported back to England and then returned to the USA.

WWII Pilot Dick Garland’s heroic crash landing in Sweden

Crew 42-102905

P1LTClarance R. JenningsINT
CP2LTRichard R GarlandINT
BOMB2LTStewart W. JakkuINTWIA, later died
ROT/SGTWalter W. MarrINT
BTS/SGTCharles SpornickINT
WGS/SGTWilliam H. Barth, Jr.INT

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