Geschichte der
B-17 #42-29502 / Big Time Operator

Delivered Cheyenne 26/12/42; Salina 11/1/43; Morrison 31/1/43; Assigned 416BS/99BG Navarin 20/2/43; Oudna 4/8/43; battle damaged 27/7/43 with Henderson, Imrie, Coen, Bulkley, Shelnutt, Buxton, Swanson, Litwalk, McDonald, Book, Blackburn; crash landed Bone, Alg; Missing in Action Toulon 24/11/43 with Silas Adams, Malboef, Reed, Delsman, Gocek, Shattuck, Kahler, Vargo, Lahti, Oshin; crashed Mediterranean Sea, eight chutes seen and life-rafts dropped. Missing Air Crew Report 1308. BIG TIME OPERATOR.

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