Geschichte der
B-17 #42-29570 / Big Time Operator II

Delivered Denver 5-Jan-43; Gt Falls 31-Jan-43; Denver 2-Feb-43; Salina 11-Feb-43; to Marrakesh, via ATC 14-Mar-43; Assigned 360BS/303BG [PU-D] Molesworth 21-Mar-43; transferred BAD 1 Burtonwood 22-May-43; 532BS/381BG [VE-D] Ridgewell 7-Sep-43; 6+m Returned to the USA 26-Apr-44 via Cazes AB, Casablanca, Morrocco. 2-May-44, however pilot Lt Moore lost both left engines, aircraft ground looped and hit a parked PBY Catalina; Salvaged 5-May-44. BIG TIME OPERATOR II.

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