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B-17 #42-29632 / Cased Ace

Delivered Cheyenne 23/1/43; Salina 5/3/43; Smoky Hill 14/3/43; Nashville 8/4/43; Assigned 422BS/305BG [JJ-N] Chelveston 23/6/43; transferred 545BS/384BG [JD-K] Grafton Underwood 8/10/43; 2 Base Air Depot, Lt Staughton 4/4/44; Returned to the USA 7/6/44; Rome 20/8/44; Williams 15/11/44; La Junta 1/4/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Searcey Fd 4/8/45. CASED ACE.

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  1. von Molly Garza am 02. Mai 2019 20:40 Uhr

    My dad was Chief Crew mechanic on this aircraft. He snuck on board for a mission not knowing it would be the bombing of Monte Casino. He said it shook him to the core.


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