Geschichte der
B-17 #42-29888 / The Joker

Delivered Denver 5/3/43; Gore 6/3/43; Denver 20/3/43; Pueblo 10/4/43; Smoky Hill 5/5/43; Dow Fd 21/5/43; Assigned 532BS/381BG [VE-H] Ridgewell 6/4/43 with Bill Baltrusaitis, Art Sample, Martin Honke, Carl Potter, Arnold Hone, Marvin Pease, Harry Thorpe, Wallace McGaughey, Julio Aqualino, Tom Murphy; {20+m} AFSC 11/5/44; Returned to the USA Tinker 6/8/44; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Arledge Fd 22/11/44. THE JOKER.

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