B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-3024 / Royal Flush

B-17 #42-3024 / Royal Flushzoom_in



  • RCL: SU-K

MACR: 16117


Geschichte der
B-17 42-3024 / Royal Flush

Assigned to the 544th Bombardment Squadron, squadron code SU-K, 384th Bombardment Group, Morrison Army Air Field, Florida on 13 March 1943, Moved to Grafton Underwood, Station 106, UK on 25 May 1943 and subsequently transferred to the 546th Bombardment Squadron, squadron code BK-K. Missing In Action (MIA) on a mission to Hamburg on 25 July 1943 with Pilot P. J. Ward, Navigator Robert Bederman, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner Bert Landrum Jr. (3 POW); Copilot Walter J. Mondo, Bombardier George J. Janciek, Radio Operator Frank Chiafari, Ball Turret Gunner Nicholas D. Ciamarra, Waist Gunner John L. Holmes, Waist Gunner John F. Jackson, Tail Gunner William C. Patton, 7 Killed In Action (KIA). This aircraft was shot down by flak and crashed at Neritz, four miles Southwest of Bad Oldesloe, Germany. Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) 16117. Plane Name: ROYAL FLUSH.

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