Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3042 / Cabin Heater

Delivered Cheyenne 16/2/43; Assigned 337BS/96BG [AW- ] Andrews Fd, UK 24/4/43; Missing in Action Emden 21/5/43 with Jack McMath, Co-pilot: Ernie Dickenson, Bombardier: Bill Peterson, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Gerald Olsen, Radio Operator: Lear Goodbey, Waist gunner: Ray Masiero,Tail gunner: Virgil Gregory (7 Killed in Action); Navigator: Edwin Martin, Ball turret gunner: Art Shilo, Waist gunner: Harry Boegahalz (3 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, KO’d #3 setting wing on fire, crashed between Partenay-de-Bretagne and Clayes, nine miles NW of Rennes, Fr.; Missing Air Crew Report 3984.

Crew 42-3042 / Cabin Heater

P1LTJack L. McMathKIA
CPF/OErnie J. DickensonKIA
BOMB1LTWilliam L. PetersonKIA
ROT/SGTLear E. GodbeyKIA
BTS/SGTArthur ShiloPOW
WGS/SGTHarry J. Boegaholz Jr.POW
WGS/SGTRaymond M. MasieroKIA
TGS/SGTVirgil B. GregoryKIA

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