Geschichte der
B-17 #42-30731

Delivered Denver 20/7/43; Gore 21/7/43; Gr Isle 14/8/43; Assigned 388BG Knettishall 4/9/43; transferred with HSC radar scanner installed 813BS/482BG [PC-U] Alconbury 5/9/43, then 751BS/457BG Glatton; Missing in Action Liepzig 7/7/44 with Jack Owens, Co-pilot: Hays Bricka, Navigator: Armen Topakian, Waist gunner: John Ward,Tail gunner: R.C. Zeagler (5 Returned to Duty); Bombardier: Francis Minturn, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Phil Murillo, Radio Operator: Theo Roland, Ball turret gunner: Earl Markwalder (4KIA-went down in aircraft before Air Sea Rescue arrived); three engines KO’d no gas and ditched in The Wash, Nfk. UK; Missing Air Crew Report 8195.

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