Geschichte der
B-17 #42-30802 / Gynida

Delivered Dallas 30/7/43; Gr Isle 14/8/43; Assigned 560BS/388BG Knettishall 5/9/43; Missing in Action Anklam 9/10/43 with Henry Kinney, Co-pilot: Chester Ulem, Navigator: Bill Lawrence, bn-Bill Wakley, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: John Browchuk, Radio Operator: Gene Tobias{broke leg on landing}, Ball turret gunner: Don Goodin, Waist gunner: George King, Waist gunner: John Risse,Tail gunner: Bill Maki (10 Prisoner of War); enemy aircraft, ditched at low tide of North Sea near island of Mando, SE of Esbjerg, Den. Missing Air Crew Report 3138. GYNIDA.

Crew 42-30802 / Gynida

P2LTHenry C. Kinney Jr.POW
CP2LTChester G. ClemPOW
BOMB2LTWilliam H. WakleyPOW
ENG/TTT/SGTJohn BrowchuckPOW
ROT/SGTEugene W. TobiasPOW
BTS/SGTDonald N. GoodinPOW
WGS/SGTGeorge H. KingPOW
TGS/SGTWilliam E. MakiPOW

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