Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3090 / T’aint A Bird

Delivered Cheyenne 6/2/43; en route to UK aircraft force landed Clonakilty, N. Ireland 7/4/43 with Bill Thomas, Co-pilot: Jim Stapleton, Navigator: Bill Prochaska, Bombardier: Collis Hayes, Ball turret gunner: Floyd Thompson frost-bitten feet, Radio Operator: Carl Cameron, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Rex Neely, Waist gunner: Guy Tice, Waist gunner: Arlie Arneson,Tail gunner: Bill Whitcombe (10 Returned to Duty); Assigned 334BS/95BG [BG-C] Alconbury 2/5/43; 1m (Ball turret gunner: J.R. Miller Wounded in Action), transferred 359BS/351BG [YB-N] Polebrook 17/6/43; suffered battle damage and sent to 2 BAD CCRC on return 10/11/43; Salvaged 18/6/45 13+m. T’AINT A BIRD.

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  1. von Travis Bartoshek am 12. April 2019 13:44 Uhr

    Taint a Bird, (42-3090), was my great uncles plane, Bill Prochaska, Bombardier, they had to make an emergency landing in Ireland and that landing is still celebrated today, the monkey they brought with them died there while they were waiting to get picked up. Another one of his planes Taint a bird II (42-30342) ended up being part of the Aphrodite program. He was shot down and crashed 5-6 times in the war, including one where he crashed off the coast of Spain, Harley Charley, (42-3267) and became a POW after getting shot down in the second Schweinfurt raid, Trouble Shooter, (42-30135). He ended up at stalog 7a and lived through the war. When he got back to the states, he got another monkey.


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