Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3093 / Nobodys Darling

Delivered Denver 18/2/43; Presque Is 5/4/43; Assigned 338BS/96BG 4/43; transferred 510BS/351BG [TU-K] Polebrook 11/7/43; on return from (8m) Merignac 31/12/43 with Rob Chalmers, Co-pilot: Francis Nedham, Navigator: ??, Bombardier: Ferris Martin, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Walt Skinner, Radio Operator: Winston Hapgood, Ball turret gunner: Chas Newberry, Waist gunner: Hubert Butler, Waist gunner: Art Novres,Tail gunner: Guy Meredith (10 Returned to Duty); crash landed Burnham-on-Sea, Som. UK; 2 SAD, Salvaged 3/1/44. NOBODY’S DARLIN‘.

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  1. von Sue Clarke-Curry am 27. April 2018 2:19 Uhr

    As the daughter of Ssgt. Crew Chief & Top Turret Gunner William F. Clarke my Dad’s B17 Nobody’s Darlin’ was shot down 4/29/44 over Berlin. Reading the crew list above aren’t any of my Dad’s crew. Needless to say, I’m confused. Can anyone shed light?


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