Delivered Cheyenne 22/10/43; Gr Island 3/11/43; Memphis 10/11/43; Assigned 334BS/95BG [BG-H] Horham 15/11/43; with Glen Infield force landed RAF Manston 4/3/44; 25m, Missing in Action Augsburg 16/3/44 with Jim Reed, Co-pilot: Maj Noel Strader, Navigator: Murray Ball, Bombardier: Bill Gadek, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Harry Blake*, Radio Operator: Clayton Emerson*, Waist gunner: Rich Sherry*, Waist gunner: Willard Buss*,Tail gunner: David Harte (9INT); Ball turret gunner: Henry Gorski (POW, those marked * also given as POW in group aircraft history); crash landed Oberriet-Kriessen, Diepoldsau, Switz; Missing Air Crew Report 3229.

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