Geschichte der
B-17 #42-3142 / Buttercup

Delivered Long Beach 27/2/43; Dow Fd 22/4/43; Assigned 368BS/306BG [BO-I] Thurleigh 18/5/43; on take off for Bremen 13/11/43 encountered severe turbulence and crashed Gt Haseley, near Oxford, blew up and disintegrated, with Floyd Scudder, Co-pilot: Leland Hendershot, Navigator: Ewing Shields, Bombardier: John Strausser, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Harris Whitten, Radio Operator: Sam Bearden, Ball turret gunner: Albert Tessier, Waist gunner: Eustasio Gonzales, Waist gunner: Albert Gripenstroh,Tail gunner: Chas Nicholson, 10KIA. BUTTERCUP.

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