Geschichte der
B-17 #42-31702

Delivered Denver 9-Dec-43; Kearney 28-Dec-43; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-A] Polebrook 30-Jan-44. Sustained a direct hit from flak over the target, the aircraft factories at Schkeuditz, Germany on 16-Aug-44. Aircraft exploded in mid-air before all of the crew could bale out and crashed at Burgwerben, Germany. This aircraft had flown 47 missions. 3KIA 6POW MACR 7902.

Crew 42-31702

P2LTEdgar D. CartwrightKIA
CP2LTRobert C. SchwartzKIA
BOMB2LTWilliam R. Chauncey, Jr.KIA
ROS/SGTGarlan R. GillespiePOW
BTSGTGeorge R. GreenamyrePOW
WGSGTRaymond F. NewbauerPOW
TGSGTGeorge W. LightPOW

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