B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-31715

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-31715



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B-17 42-31715

Delivered Cheyenne 9/12/43; Kearney 24/12/43; RAF Nutts Corner 15/1/44; Assigned: 423BS/306BG Thurleigh 29/1/44; on practice flight to RAF Drem, East Lothian, Scotland UK, 3/2/44; next day Pilot: Art Moseley, Co-Pilot: Ed O’Malley, Navigator: Woodrow Ellerston, Radio Operator: Mike Roskovitch, pass-Lt Wilfred Lowe (RN), pass-AC2 E.S.Hodgson (RAF) (6KIA); prior to return to home base #1 failed so pilot decide to take off on three engines but crashed in field just beyond runway. Salvaged. n/battle damage. (Roskovitch killed, first EM to complete tour of 25 missions.)

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B-17 42-31715 Crew

Position Rang Name Status Bemerkung
P 1LT Arthur G. Moseley KIS
CP 2LT Edward D. O’Malley KIS
RO 2LT Michael Roskovitch KIS
--- --- Wilfred Lowe KIS RN
--- --- Edward Sydney Hodgkins KIS RAF

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