Geschichte der
B-17 #42-31843

Delivered Denver 25/12/43; Scott 8/1/44; Lakeland 13/1/44; Morrison 20/2/44; slated 303BG, Assigned 774BS/463BG Celone 22/2/44; Missing in Action Valence, Fr. 15/8/44 with Adrian Swain, Co-pilot: Steve Yankura, Navigator: Harry Wolquitt [463BS] (?Bernard Garrett?), Bombardier: Nyles Jones, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Coots, Radio Operator: Dick Swan, Ball turret gunner: Morris Vincent, Waist gunner: Murdoch Burton, Waist gunner: Ralph Barnes,Tail gunner: Richard Barnes; flak, eight chutes seen as aircraft went straight in with bombs on board & exploded, crashed near Valence; Missing Air Crew Report 7673.

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