Geschichte der
B-17 #42-31857

Delivered Cheyenne 26/12/43; Lincoln 10/1/44; Savannah 13/1/44; Morrison 26/1/44; Assigned 340BS/97BG Amendola 28/1/44; Missing in Action Wollersdorf A/fd, Aus. 29/5/44 with Jacob Rosenberg, Kelley, Covington, Jones, Cooper, Gibson, Lavereaux, Ashe, Kalfsbeck, Meinecke; flak, crashed Ransdorf, Aus; Missing Air Crew Report 5437.

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  1. von Paul Hentschel am 30. Juli 2019 16:10 Uhr

    my name is Paul and i live in Ransdorf Austria were the B-17 #42-31857 crashed on the 29 May 1944.
    I have made it my mission to learn more about the crew of the crashed machine and what happened to the crew.

    Maybe someone can help me to find out more about the Crew members.

    best regards,


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