Geschichte der
B-17 #42-38067 / Maidin USA

Delivered Denver 2/12/43; Chanute 21/12/43; Savannah 29/12/43; Assigned 49BS/2BG Amendola 9/1/44; Missing in Action Anzio 17/2/44 with Adrian Cooper, Co-pilot: Edgar Davidson, Bombardier: Fred Turnquist, Radio Operator: Jack Griffith, Ball turret gunner: Duane Booth,Tail gunner: Bob Rebstock (6 Killed in Action); Navigator: John Gill, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: George Hawk[wia], Waist gunner: Harvey Dupuis, Waist gunner: Larry Carastro (4 Prisoner of War); flak caused severe damage including cutting off tail, crashed Stazi di Campoleone. Missing Air Crew Report 2387. MAIDIN USA.

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