Geschichte der
B-17 #42-39932 / Sweat ‚er Out

Delivered Long Beach 12/10/43; Gr Island 5/11/43; Assigned 613BS/401BG [IN-H] Deenethorpe 2/1/44; was set for mission to Bernburg 6/7/44 with Russ Lockhart, Co-pilot: Porter Ham, Navigator: Bob Grilley, Bombardier: John Jardine, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Clarry Pyles, Radio Operator: Otto Schlaegel, Ball turret gunner: Lloyd Mull, Waist gunner: Jay Harper,Tail gunner: Larry Millon (9 Returned to Duty); was parked whn 42-31037 taxied into side of a/c; sal 2 SAD Watton 17/7/44. SWEAT ’ER OUT.

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