Geschichte der
B-17 #42-5123

Delivered Geiger 28/9/42; Great Falls 1/12/42; Assigned 20BS/2BG when on training mission crash landed Musselshell, Mt 30/12/42 with Ed Layfield, Co-pilot: Gerald Beem, Navigator: Lewis Newland, Bombardier: Chester Knight, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Fred Brown, Radio Operator: Hulon Dutton, Ball turret gunner: Chas Valys, Waist gunner: Wallace Hanson, Waist gunner: Fred Murray,Tail gunner: Hobart Hall, pass-Jake Reiss, obs-Major Orville Ralston; aircraft caught fire over Melstone, MT, crashed Bull Mountains, south of Mussellshell, MT; (11 Killed in Service); Written off 1/1/43.

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  1. von Frank Hickman II am 28. November 2019 1:31 Uhr

    Fred Murray was my mother’s brother and the Uncle that I never knew.


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