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B-17 #42-5260 / Yardbird II

Delivered Denver 26/10/42; Salina 15/12/42. Assigned 360BS/303BG [PU-A] Molesworth 29/1/43; 43m. Missing in Action Emden 2/10/43 Enemy aircraft, crashed North Sea. Missing Air Crew Report 738.

Details 42-5260 / Yardbird II

B-17F #42-5260 Yardbird II. Aircraft was hit by gunfire from two ME-109s immediately after the formation left the target. The ship peeled off, went down out of control, and exploded above the overcast. One parachute was observed coming out of the B-17 before it went out of sight. The B-17 crashed into the the North Sea and all crewmen were killed.

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Crew 42-5260 / Yardbird II

P1LTPaul S. TippetKIA
CP2LTLewellyn H. NemitzKIA
BOMB2LTBernard RiceKIA
ROT/SGTThomas L. RichardsonKIA
BTS/SGTAbraham J. RaschKIA
WGS/SGTHugh F. Gibney, Jr.KIA
WGS/SGTWilliam R. GreasonKIA
TGS/SGTJack H. RandallKIA

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  1. von Paul Lindewall am 07. Mai 2019 15:58 Uhr

    I have a picture of the Yardbird II crew (which my father was on) showing them as lead crew on a mission with a notation of 15-5-43. If the plane was lost 2-10-43, how is this possible?


    • von am 07. Mai 2019 17:48 Uhr

      Photo of your father was May 15th 1943 and this B-17 went los on October 2nd 1943. So, it’s plausible, or not?


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