B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-5306

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  • RCL: GY-P, BN-Q

MACR: 2863


Geschichte der
B-17 42-5306

Delivered Tulsa 16/11/42; New Castle 9/12/43; Assigned 367BS/306BG [GY-P] Thurleigh 1/1/43; in taxi accident at base with Warren Grey 27/6/43; transferred 359BS/303BG [BN-Q] Molesworth 25/9/43; Missing in Action Pas De Calais 28/2/44 with Noel Shoup, Co-pilot: Jim Litherland, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ben Bragg, Radio Operator: Don Harrison, Ball turret gunner: Bill Hostetter, Waist gunner: Bob Gribble,Tail gunner: Harry Ross (7 Killed in Action); Bombardier: Chas McLain, Waist gunner: Nick Asvestos (ret UK mid May ‘44) (2 evaded capture), Navigator: Byron Clark (Prisoner of War); flak, crashed between Ler Translay & Wiammeville, eight miles SW of Abbeville, Fr. Missing Air Crew Report 2863.

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B-17 42-5306 Details

Aircraft made 3 turns down and out of control after being hit by flak at 11.000 feet. The left wing came off and the aircraft exploded in mid-air and crashed at 14.39 hrs between Le Translay and Wiammeville, 8 miles south west of Abbeville, France.


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